What should the FA do about Ashley Cole’s Twitter debacle?

What is it with English defenders playing for Chelsea and their affinity for a mess? The John Terry saga is still to come to a conclusion and now fellow left-back Ashley Cole has gotten himself in a soup thanks to letting the ‘heat of the moment’ get to him.

We all know what went down on Friday afternoon, but let’s just recount it very quickly for the uninitiated. The testimony provided by Cole while giving evidence in the John Terry case was called into question by the FA in their official explanations.

This was too much for Cole to take, who last year accidentally shot at a student at Chelsea’s training ground, and he fired off once more this time on Twitter. The former Arsenal man labelled the FA ‘a bunch of t**ts’ and was predictably charged with a gross misconduct charge earlier today.

The question that remains to be answered now is what action should the FA take. Former England captain and current pundit Alan Shearer suggested that the left-back should be banned from the San Marino in a bid to send a strong message to the rest.

However, is a statement on Twitter really worth banning the player for a game? One could argue this both ways. In recent times, Twitter has often become the stumbling block for many athletes and whether it is raging Swiss players or England cricketer Kevin Pietersen they have had to pay their dues.

On the other hand, one can understand Cole’s outburst given that the FA’s statement basically implied he lied in his testimony, and that is certainly not the best way of making friends. So perhaps, a fine might suffice at this stage, alongwith a strict warning about his future conduct.

Whatever the case,  it has certainly made things much more interesting leading into a rather dreary England game against San Marino. We want to hear your take on it? Simply go to our Facebook Page (a like would be nice) and cast your vote on the matter?

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08/10/2012 - posted by Varun - Betclic
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